Handmade Mother's Day Bath Salts

03 March 2018

As I’m on a wedding budget this year I wanted to make my mum a little something this year. Even though she deserves an island, sadly something homemade will have to suffice until it’s post Honeymoon time! I decided to put together a little box of goodies of something she could acutely use and as my mother spends 90% of her time in the tub I thought some bath salts would be a gem. They’re so easy to make, smell amazing and can actually look good for a DIY project which will be a nice alternative to the homemade boxes with glued on pasta and spray painted gold I used to make as a kid! 

I used a mixture of Epsom salt and pink Himalayan salts from my local TKMaxx and found the jars in Wilkos for £1. The petals can be left out but I bought them cheap enough off eBay for a fiver for a pack of five different petals. I then added some ribbon and a label to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing. This is also optional but for added scent use a nice smelling essential oil. I picked this up from TKMaxx (I seem to live in this place at the moment) and added it to the salts to give them a relaxing decent. A bonus for the tub. 

How do you think they turned out? What's your Mothers Day plans this year?

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