Cocktail Hour: Spring Rhubarb Gin

24 March 2018

Without sounding like an alcoholic, I bloody love gin and always have a bottle or five stocked on my bar cart. My last addition was a gift from my dad who by the look of it has no qualms in encouraging my gin affair. He kindly bought me a bottle of this Whitley’s Rhubarb Gin and if you couldn’t already tell by the bottle, we love it. 

I even have to swat Mathieu away from it as its converted him from rum to gin. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t like rhubarb but I do like rhubarb flavoured things.. yeah I’m one of those people. I couldn’t physically eat it in say a crumble but put it in a gin and I’m ya gal. It’s such a lovely taste and  a perfect cocktail to start the Spring Months.

To make it I add ice, gin and ginger beer and if I’m being fancy (which I'm not here because all I had on hand was a strawberry #aestheticsgoals) add a slice of rhubarb to garnish. Et voila! It’s so good it can convert rum lovers! 

Would you try this? Let me know x

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