Chocolate Easter Bark

31 March 2018

As Easter is around the corner, literally, it's tomorrow, how? I do not know. I am a sucker for Easter, in all honesty, I'm a sucker for all the seasons and one that promotes chocolate then I'm all for it. As a side note I am not religious so this holiday is purely a marketing holiday for me. I love easter as I buy gifts for my little cousins and all the friends babies that I have. I love giving cute little Easter themed chocolates and all bunny related things. This year I decided to do a little DIY and made my own little chocolate goodies. I would just call this a chocolate bar but in America I've heard it called Chocolate Bark via Pinterest. I basically got a shallow oval container, melted some chocolate and added some Easter themed treats. As you can see I opted some golden eggs, mini mini eggs and some super cute icing carrots. I'll now wrap these in some clear plastic wrap topped with some Easter ribbon and then send them down to my little cousins along with a gift card as I love spoiling them. 

Do you think these are a good Easter gift? 

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