A Spring Pamper

17 March 2018

I love a good pamper. My Sunday night consists of me locking the bathroom door, lighting some candles, and delving into a hot bath. This is my me time and Mathieu knows not to disturb the tub monster I become. 

I always follow through with my current skincare routine by removing make up and cleansing then I smother my face with a mask and pop in the bath, wine in hand. To make this a little more luxurious I put on my current playlist or get a good book ready for the bath, which I pour my favourite bath oil, Jo Malones basil and mandarin. I love the fresh uplifting scent. I also opt for a bath bomb if I feel it’s been a long week. 

My favourite mask at the moment is the Kiehls cranberry and turmeric. I love that the seeds are an extra exfoliant when rinsing off and it gives such a refreshing tingling feeling. It’s my go to at the moment. 

After getting out of the bath then, once dry I smother myself in a moisturiser and sink into a warm dressing gown, slippers and carry on with the rest of my night time skin routine (which I live posted about here) which usually consists of me smothering myself in the Kiehls midnight recovery oil. I rave about this to everyone, the lavender scent is perfect for bed time. 

Have you got any recommendations to add for a spring pamper? 

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