25 Years Without Lipstick

11 March 2018

Whenever I think of make up it always reminds me of my mum which is ironic as she never really wore it. I guess I'm always reminded of the smell of the powder she used to gently swirl all over her face, the only thing she ever put on her face but as a five year old I remember looking up at her in awe begging her to put some on me. Whenever I get a whiff of a sweet, powdery smell, I am always transported back to that age, staring hungrily at her powder compact, wishing for the day that I could have my own. 

Roll on to a few years later I remember standing in my rather glamorous grandmothers bathroom peering into her cabinet (something I have not grown out of)  and trying on all her expensive lipsticks one after the other. I remember looking into the mirror, always with a mix of feelings such as feeling glamorous but then brought back down to earth with a bump when I realised it coated my teeth and went way over my lip line. Very glam.

I remember peering into an older cousins make up bag and discovering eyeliner. In some ways I wish I had never found that black stick and some times I wish someone had told me there were other ways to wear it rather than just rimming your whole eyeball and wearing a smudged smokey eye to school at 14. Jesus, how I wish I had these beauty blogs and YouTubers like the girls today! But moving back to lipsticks, I think I always knew I wanted to be one of these girls that rocked a red lip so I would always try one on, feel ridiculous and step away. I never bought them, just tried on friends. I have no idea why I was so unconfident but I honestly just felt ridiculous whenever I wore it, I also had crippling paranoia that it would coat my teeth on a night out! So I have avoided lipstick my whole life and have just stuck to lip balm. Until 25 years later, I discovered a miracle and have felt like a nob ever since I came to the realisation that I should have tried a more subtle colour before diving into that red. 

I decided to try this Pillowtalk that I had heard people raving about and It changed my life. Well in terms of y’know, make up. I couldn’t get over how comfortable I felt wearing it and how nice and “grown up” (cringe) I felt. It’s so easy to wear and I am already on my second stick. I have also, wait for it, purchased a few more colours from Charlotte Tilbury and even bought my dream red colour which I have only been brave enough to wear on nights out haha, baby steps guys, baby steps!

Are you a lipstick lover? Have you tried any by CT?

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