Chocolate Easter Bark

31 March 2018

As Easter is around the corner, literally, it's tomorrow, how? I do not know. I am a sucker for Easter, in all honesty, I'm a sucker for all the seasons and one that promotes chocolate then I'm all for it. As a side note I am not religious so this holiday is purely a marketing holiday for me. I love easter as I buy gifts for my little cousins and all the friends babies that I have. I love giving cute little Easter themed chocolates and all bunny related things. This year I decided to do a little DIY and made my own little chocolate goodies. I would just call this a chocolate bar but in America I've heard it called Chocolate Bark via Pinterest. I basically got a shallow oval container, melted some chocolate and added some Easter themed treats. As you can see I opted some golden eggs, mini mini eggs and some super cute icing carrots. I'll now wrap these in some clear plastic wrap topped with some Easter ribbon and then send them down to my little cousins along with a gift card as I love spoiling them. 

Do you think these are a good Easter gift? 

Five from Kiehls

25 March 2018

I can't remember my first Kiehls product or when my love affair started, I'll even admit that I thought Kiehls was a hair product line that I may or may not have gotten mixed up with Kerastase and ignored it. Alas if that was the problem now my bank account would be a lot happier for it. I can now say that Kiehls is my number one when it comes to skincare.

My favourite being the oils. Is there anything more dreamy than the Midnight Recovery Oil? I honestly get excited when I go to bed and reach for this baby on my night stand. I swear that this stuff also helps me sleep better because of the soothing lavender scent. I use this every other day so that my skin can drink it up without being excessively smothered in oil every night. I also treated myself to the Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate and apply it a la Jamie Genevieve after watching her videos for so long she converted me, but to be honest I did not need much persuading. I copied Jamie and I coat my face in a layer of this oil then I add my Kiehls  Ultra Moisturiser with SPF 30, and after adding my foundation, once it's set, I honestly feel like a bloody sunbeam. It gives your skin the most perfect base and honestly makes your skin glow. I also only do this on non work days to give my skin an oil break as I don't wear make up to work, just little bit of concealer so wearing this everyday would be a waste.

The Kiehls Ultra Cleanser is also my best friend, paired with my Foreo face brush, these babies leave me with the softest and most clean feeling skin. I will be honest and say that I do prefer Oskias Renaissance Cleansing Gel but this is my number two. I usually keep it in my travel skincare bag, and fall in love with it all over again whenever I use it. My other favourite go to is the Kiehls Tumeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque and boy, does it make me feel radiant after using. My favourite thing about this is that once you're ready to wipe it all off the cranberry seeds act as an exfoliant whilst you rinse off, leaving my face baby soft and smelling amazing. Have you tried any of these yet?

Next on my Kiehls Wishlist:

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Cocktail Hour: Spring Rhubarb Gin

24 March 2018

Without sounding like an alcoholic, I bloody love gin and always have a bottle or five stocked on my bar cart. My last addition was a gift from my dad who by the look of it has no qualms in encouraging my gin affair. He kindly bought me a bottle of this Whitley’s Rhubarb Gin and if you couldn’t already tell by the bottle, we love it. 

I even have to swat Mathieu away from it as its converted him from rum to gin. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t like rhubarb but I do like rhubarb flavoured things.. yeah I’m one of those people. I couldn’t physically eat it in say a crumble but put it in a gin and I’m ya gal. It’s such a lovely taste and  a perfect cocktail to start the Spring Months.

To make it I add ice, gin and ginger beer and if I’m being fancy (which I'm not here because all I had on hand was a strawberry #aestheticsgoals) add a slice of rhubarb to garnish. Et voila! It’s so good it can convert rum lovers! 

Would you try this? Let me know x

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My Capsule Wardrobe Wishlist

22 March 2018

I'm sure by now most people are aware of the whole Capsule Wardrobe craze that started a while back. I adored the idea as I am so fussy with clothes and practically wear the same things over and over, this was right up my street. That was until I noted that the whole idea of a capsule wardrobe wasn't the whole minimisation process and only keeping X amount of clothes in your wardrobe but was more about quality over quantity. I still love that idea but as I have the most awkward body shape being a full figured hourglass shape with a full chest, clothes shopping can sometimes be hell. And whilst I can find my sizes in shops such as Whistles, I've never so much as spent over £40 on one piece of clothing. That even means jeans. I have always been the person to spend £50 on four tops than spend say £100 on a good quality top as I could never face spending that much money. Although I would have no problem spending that £100 in Space.NK! So as I'm getting older and starting to appreciate clothing and more grown up brands like Whistles compared to that of New Look.

Here are a few items that I am swooning over and need to get saving for

My go to easy lipsticks

18 March 2018

As I mentioned in this post I am rather newly acquainted with the wearing of lipstick. I mentioned in the post about how I bravely tested the waters of wearing nude colours and have fallen head over heels for them. Now whenever I pass lip products I am drawn straight to the pretty nude colours and have now got a mini collection going. I love my Pillow Talk and think I will probably be wearing this on my wedding day. I have noticed that I prefer a matte finish on my lips than a satin finish as I feel my lips slide about and it gets everywhere (I am secretly a five year old). Anyway at the moment these are a few of the lipsticks I grab on the way out of the door for an effortless lip. 

I've already talked about Charlotte Tilbury's Pillowtalk but have you tried this? It's so beautiful and in my opinion so worth the hype as whenever I check out the CT website it is always out of stock. I love that the formula glides onto your lips and give them a beautiful colour whilst still making them look natural. 

I made a little Glossier purchase a while back an d added these two Generation G lip colours in Cake and Leo. At first I was not impressed with them even though I had looked into them and people raved about them I wasn't blown away. I wanted them as they're not full on and they're buildable but when I first tried them I didn't love the outcome or the colours. But as I paid £28 I was going to get my wear out of them! As it turns out I think I tried them on in a weird light and now these are staples in my handbag. I love the sheer look and the glossy feel. I am definitely going to be purchasing the rest of the colours! 

Then last but not least is this dreamy liquid lip from Nyx. I have never used anything from Nyx before and it was such a pleasant surprise to get to the counter for it to only be £6! In all honesty I like the colour and took it straight to the till expecting it to be around £12 so I was chuffed to find out it was this cheap. I picked up the shade Cannes and love the muted pink colour. The formula is perfect for me and I love how it lasts on the lips. I am definitely adding more of these to my collection.

Have you tried any of these? 

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A Spring Pamper

17 March 2018

I love a good pamper. My Sunday night consists of me locking the bathroom door, lighting some candles, and delving into a hot bath. This is my me time and Mathieu knows not to disturb the tub monster I become. 

I always follow through with my current skincare routine by removing make up and cleansing then I smother my face with a mask and pop in the bath, wine in hand. To make this a little more luxurious I put on my current playlist or get a good book ready for the bath, which I pour my favourite bath oil, Jo Malones basil and mandarin. I love the fresh uplifting scent. I also opt for a bath bomb if I feel it’s been a long week. 

My favourite mask at the moment is the Kiehls cranberry and turmeric. I love that the seeds are an extra exfoliant when rinsing off and it gives such a refreshing tingling feeling. It’s my go to at the moment. 

After getting out of the bath then, once dry I smother myself in a moisturiser and sink into a warm dressing gown, slippers and carry on with the rest of my night time skin routine (which I live posted about here) which usually consists of me smothering myself in the Kiehls midnight recovery oil. I rave about this to everyone, the lavender scent is perfect for bed time. 

Have you got any recommendations to add for a spring pamper? 

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Brand Focus: Charlotte Tilbury

15 March 2018

As I mentioned in this post, about my first ever lipstick, you may have seen that I rave about Charlotte Tilbury. For all my teens and early twenties I have always been loyal to my number one make up brand Nars until I discovered CT. I joined the pretty, gold packaged side and have never looked back.

The other day I decided to spoil myself, after keeping all my John Lewis vouchers from birthdays and Christmas to treat myself to a few of her goodies. First off I started with re-purchasing a new tube of the Light Wonder in Medium 5. I love this stuff and think it gives off such a lovely dewy glow. I am definitely one for a more sheer foundation and stay clear of thicker, full coverage ones as I hate when they feel heavy on my skin, and prefer to add a bit of colour using this lightweight foundation then topping up with a concealer on blemishes, circles and what not. 

I then bought a few lipsticks and have such high praises for the matte collection that CT has. My ultimate favourite is Pillow Talk as I'm a new lipstick wearer this glides on like a second skin. I then wanted something a little lighter and opted for Kidmans Kiss which was a gorgeous matte petal pink. I do love this but have only worn it out nights out as I haven't got the confidence to rock a pink lip on an ordinary day, lol. Next up I wanted my first ever red lipstick. I knew I didn't want a bright bright red as I knew I would never have the balls to wear/pull it off. So when I saw the online exclusive Shanghai Nights I needed it! I love this formula and the way it looks genuinely makes me feel good and not like a toddler who got their hands on their mothers makeup! Finally I then bought Bond Girl and oh my. I didn't think anything would replace my love of Pillow Talk but this definitely over rides it! I love the deep berry red colour and the way it finishes off any make up look.

When I first purchased Pillow Talk, I knew I had to have the Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette because have you seen it?  The first time I saw this palette I knew it was going to be a love affair. I bought it mainly for the compact because I wanted to look like a Hollywood badass whilst applying lipstick (£50 to use it just as a compact, when it looks like that hell yes!) I then of course dabbled with the bronzer and highlight and swiftly fell in love. I love the bronzing powder and it has become my number one now for contouring. I have big love for it as it chips away at my hamster cheeks and I can see serious sculpting happening which means if it gives me some sort of cheek bone its staying.

For Christmas I then purchased the Beauty Glow Instant Look in a Palette and can you just look at it for a moment and look how pretty it is? I heard good things about this palette and was definitely in the market for a travel palette haha is that a thing? I love that this one just has every thing and would love a future reinvention of it having a built in foundation bit as I am cursed when travelling with foundation. I always get an explosion of smashed bottles or lost lids. Any how back to how amazing this palette already is, one of my favourite things about it is the three step eye shadows that are brilliant for day and night. I actually need to stop using this as I want to use it solely for travelling but I can't help myself. At least this leaves me with an excuse to buy some more bits!

Next on my list is:

Are you a fan of Charlotte or do you think I have a problem haha?

My Morning Skincare Routine

13 March 2018

Just a  little disclaimer here to say that I honestly only get to do this on weekends and on days off and I do not have time to do this on a work day. I am out of my house at 6:15 in the mornings for work and although I love a skincare ritual I prefer my sleep more in the morning. So when I have a few minutes to spare I set to work. 

I start off by washing my face to wake myself up and then I cleanse. My Foreo and Kiehls are still my number ones and I get to work massaging my skin and giving it a deep clean. Once dry, I use a little bit of the Ordinarys Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution and dab it over my skin. I am loving this at the moment and think my skin is appreciating the glow it’s getting haha. 

I then add a few drops of Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate a la Jamie Genivieve and honestly love he effect it give to my skin. It works wonders and I’ve never looked back. After a few minutes to let the oil sink in I add a tiny amount of the Farmacy Honeydrop Lightweight Moisturiser to the mix and leave it for another few minutes before applying my make up. I love the feeling of this moisturiser, it feels like water when applying and I can feel my skin relishing in it after its been left on.

I love this little ritual and genuinely love the outcome of using the Kiehls oil. The feeling is indescribable when you see what wonders it does for you make up throughout the day, it just works. I feel like since I’ve started using it my make up stays in place, gives you a blowy look and you just always look radiant. 

Have you given the Kiehls oil a go? Let me know! 

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25 Years Without Lipstick

11 March 2018

Whenever I think of make up it always reminds me of my mum which is ironic as she never really wore it. I guess I'm always reminded of the smell of the powder she used to gently swirl all over her face, the only thing she ever put on her face but as a five year old I remember looking up at her in awe begging her to put some on me. Whenever I get a whiff of a sweet, powdery smell, I am always transported back to that age, staring hungrily at her powder compact, wishing for the day that I could have my own. 

Roll on to a few years later I remember standing in my rather glamorous grandmothers bathroom peering into her cabinet (something I have not grown out of)  and trying on all her expensive lipsticks one after the other. I remember looking into the mirror, always with a mix of feelings such as feeling glamorous but then brought back down to earth with a bump when I realised it coated my teeth and went way over my lip line. Very glam.

I remember peering into an older cousins make up bag and discovering eyeliner. In some ways I wish I had never found that black stick and some times I wish someone had told me there were other ways to wear it rather than just rimming your whole eyeball and wearing a smudged smokey eye to school at 14. Jesus, how I wish I had these beauty blogs and YouTubers like the girls today! But moving back to lipsticks, I think I always knew I wanted to be one of these girls that rocked a red lip so I would always try one on, feel ridiculous and step away. I never bought them, just tried on friends. I have no idea why I was so unconfident but I honestly just felt ridiculous whenever I wore it, I also had crippling paranoia that it would coat my teeth on a night out! So I have avoided lipstick my whole life and have just stuck to lip balm. Until 25 years later, I discovered a miracle and have felt like a nob ever since I came to the realisation that I should have tried a more subtle colour before diving into that red. 

I decided to try this Pillowtalk that I had heard people raving about and It changed my life. Well in terms of y’know, make up. I couldn’t get over how comfortable I felt wearing it and how nice and “grown up” (cringe) I felt. It’s so easy to wear and I am already on my second stick. I have also, wait for it, purchased a few more colours from Charlotte Tilbury and even bought my dream red colour which I have only been brave enough to wear on nights out haha, baby steps guys, baby steps!

Are you a lipstick lover? Have you tried any by CT?

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A weekend in Scotland

07 March 2018

In October last year, my family rented a house near Edinburgh in a small coastal town called Lower Largo for four peaceful days. We did nothing but eat our weight in cheese, play games, spend an unreasonable amount of time in the local pub and take long walks on the beach to blow the cobwebs (hangovers) away. We did spend one day in Edinburgh, I haven’t been since I was a kid but it’s still so gorgeous, even on the miserable day we went. 

I am definitely a city girl but I can’t help but want to pack up and move to a seaside town whenever I visit one! They’re so serene and nostalgic, I love taking photos of them. Our house for the weekend was lovely and housed Mathieu & I, my two stepbrothers and my dad & step mum, all quite cosily although it lost points from me for not having a log burner but I guess I can’t complain too much as the sea view from the living room was beautiful to wake up to. 

As for Edinburgh, I think I fell in love all over again! The gorgeous buildings, the history and shops are just something else. My family had to drag me out of the shops and then I dragged them to The Elephant House Cafe, where J.K Rowling wrote Harry. It was so humbling to see. Although we only spent the day, Mathieu & I made plans to return again five months later. 

Have you ever been to Edinburgh? 

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