Wedding Planning So Far

27 February 2018

So todays post is all about my wedding and where I'm up to so far! These months are flying by and at times I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above the water!

Mathieu, my partner, proposed to me at the beginning of December 2016. I thought I would love wedding planning as I love organising things, but oh my, was I in for a shock. We looked at our savings and thought £5,000 would be a perfect amount to spend on a wedding. As soon as I started looking at venues, oh my god I realised that £5,000 was not an okay amount as most places started at £4,500. Bloody hell Chester.

I am not religious so I also did not want to get married in a church as I thought it would be a bit weird/hypocritical and envisioned a gorgeous green, outdoor wedding. That's when I hit another snag. In the uk there are a lot of wedding rules. I wanted an outdoor wedding and pictured a rustic ceremony in a field but uk marriage laws mean that that outdoor place needs to be licensed. Also it needs to have a roof. So that was fun trying to find places with a roof. Just what is that UK marriage laws sort it out! So after being rejected from place after place and cowering from some prices I had a mini melt down and told mat I wanted to elope. We downsized our party and have now decided to elope with 30 family members to Scotland. 

Why Scotland you ask? I chose Scotland as I spent most of my childhood holidays in Edinburgh and on the islands. My wee granny is from the Isle of Lewis and after spending so much time there I knew Scotland would be a beautiful place to get married. The bonus? The marriage laws are different and I can get married outside anywhere! Queue party emojis. So this year we are getting married next to a Loch near Edinburgh and I'm so excited. 

I finally got permission off the local park rangers after a few months of emailing back and forth and the best part? As it's a local park it is completely free to use. So after looking at venues starting at £4500 hearing that it was free was music to my ears. 

I have now booked a celebrant which was pretty easy and we're going to Scotland to meet up with her and sort our ceremony details out. I can't wait. I have just put down the deposit on my restaurant and now everything seems to slowly be falling into place. After so many months stressing out as nothing was going to plan, this is a huge weight off my shoulders. I have also reserved my hotel to get ready in/stay in and it is gorgeous! My mum and I have made our wedding invites, and have sent them all out. We are now waiting on RSVPs.

We have now met our celebrant, done cake testing, and have sorted bridesmaids! Hooray!

Still on my list to do:

  1. Dress Fittings
I have finally found my dress! After thinking I was never going to find something I finally found the one. I wasn't the biggest fan of wedding dress shopping. It's so disappointing as it's one of the things I was most looking forward to (aside from marrying the love of my life haha). The experience was bittersweet and I definitely think the shop plays a part in the whole thing. I tried some beautiful boutiques and was shocked that some of the people in it couldn't be arsed with the whole thing. One lady kept sighing as I asked her what style she thought would suit me and made me feel like I was just wasting her time. But hey ho, I've got mine now and I adore it. It's exactly how I envisioned and now all I need to do is go to my dress fittings for her to spruce it up.

      2.  Find Mathieu a suit 

Oh  my god. He is worse than me. I have booked him in to try on some Ted Baker suits and I'm determined that he's not leaving the shop until he's bought one, or at least decided on a style.

      3.  Sort all Documents

We have got our papers ready to go, we need to send them off in March and collect our wedding license three days before the big day.

      4. Finalise details and payments

I now need to chase up a few RSVPs and contact the venues and such to let them know how many are attending. We have also paid deposits on most things but now need to start paying the full payment.

Are any of you planning a wedding? What are your thoughts on it?


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