Valentines Date Night Make up

14 February 2018

I will be 100% honest here and say I am a complete novice when it comes to make up application. I'm good at doing my base, contour doesn't really scare me, and eyebrows are my game. But eyeshadow is a whole new ball game. I fail miserably at applying any kind of powder, it's as though my eyelids sense my fear (honestly) and as soon as a brush hits lid it instantly goes patchy and won't budge.

One thing that has slowly helped me achieve my fantasy of having okay eyelids on a day to day basis or night out is my main lady, CT. I purchased the Face palette and it has honestly instilled some sort of confidence in me with my (non-existent) eyeshadow game. The three steps are my mini "eyeshadow for Dummies" guide and I am not complaining.  I honestly get so many compliments on my eyes when wearing these three shades and even had a friend say she was "really feeling" my look when she saw me. I never thought I'd see the day.

This year I will be celebrating Valentines at my wedding venue! Très romantic. We will be in Edinburgh by the time this post goes up and that night we will be visiting the restaurant where we're having the wedding meal and will be checking out our hired room to get a look at what we're working with for decorations on the big day. I've got my little red dress already to go and hopefully my new CT Lipstick in Shanghai Nights will be the perfect match!

What are you up to tonight? 

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