January Pick Me Ups

31 January 2018

Anyone have the January Blues? It's a bit hit and miss for me. Some days I feel so frustrated and down and others I just get on as normal.  As I like making lists I wanted to share one here that is full of little things to do to get over those gloomy days and blues. 

1. Treat Yo'Self

I always make an excuse to treat myself to something, usually on a gloomy day where nothing goes to plan i.e the other day when trains are on strike and you're left abandoned at train stations in the middle of nowhere! These are the cases where I treat myself to something such as that new make up product I want, or the Diptyque candle I have to hide from my partner Mathieu or he will go crazy for spending £60 on a candle. Sometimes it's even just a good ol' bathbomb from Lush. Job done. 

2. Pamper Yo'self

I'll stop saying yo'self now. I promise. I'm a firm believer in having a pamper sesh when you're down in the dumps. Slap on a mask, smother yourself in a great smelling body butter and paint all ya nails. Usually I coat myself in a gradual tanner so I get a little bit of colour and I can trick myself that it's warm... note to self; this never usually works in January.

3. Music

I make playlists to keep me going through the months, usually adpated to the seasons. Is that weird? I have a monthly playlist but some songs I have to reserve for summer. My other pick me up is to whack a record on the player and have a dance around my living room. If you say you don't do this then you're lying. I highly recomend Fleetwood Mac on vinyl.

4. Comfort food

Is there any other comfort in life than food when you're in a bad mood? I don't know about you but food always brings a smile to my face. In these colder months I love getting comfy then making comfort food. To me that's a veggie soup or nachos. Nachos always. 

Have you got any January pick me ups? x

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