How I create a dewy base

18 January 2018

Towards the end of January I slowly feel myself detesting the month. At the beginning I love celebrating and making resolutions to make an organised fresh start but as the days drag on I feel myself getting into a rut. The weather is crap, it's cold, everything is grey and depressing, it's cold, and payday is too far away. Did I mention it's cold? 

Everything just snowballs and I am almost comforted when I hear that I'm not the only one. Aside from my bank account the other thing that suffers in January is my skin. After the rich christmassy food, bubbles from new year, the make up that it endures from these holidays (Lets not even go to the period in-between Christmas and New Year where everyone is still in food comas and doesn't know what day it is!). 

I like to take a bit of time to make my self feel a bit more "perky" in the face department by ensuring that I drink all the water and mask myself up on a Sunday night, then for day to day try and sort out my lacklustre skin by giving it a bit of a glow. I am not a matte person. If I see the phrase matte on a product I back away and move on. It just doesn't bode well with my skin. I feel my skin looks better with a dewy finish. I top off any blemishes with concealer and then just leave them alone, so I tend to stay away from thicker and heavier full coverage options. I prefer tinted moisturisers, BB creams and anything that easily wipes off in general. 

My favourite go to's for a dewy base is the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer which leaves a nice shimmer to the skin. That sounds horrifying but it's not a bad thing. It leaves my skin feeling prepped and smooth ready for my foundation.

For my lightweight base I love the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. I go through tubes of this during the summer. For me it is the perfect base.. It leaves you glowing and as the title suggests, radiant. I have heard that some people find it to "wet" or "grease" like on their skin but thats how I need it. If I wear full coverage/matte products they feel so heavy on my face and I feel like I've been plastered. 

I love usingblush in the colder months. I love the pop of colour it brings, something we all need in these greys. I'm not the biggest fan of powders as, once again they feel to heavy on my skin, so I always try to opt for a cream blush unless something really catches my eye. I always go for the Stila Cream Blush in Lilium and the tiniest amount brings such a nice colour to top off that dewy glow. 

I'm not a lipstick person, I usually opt for balms or tints and I love the Benefit tints. I couldn't resist this mini from a sample set. I love all the colours they do but at the moment I'm favouring this Posietint Lip and Cheek Stain mini. It's the nicest bright lip to finish off a radiant look. 

Do you prefer full coverage or a dewy finish?

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