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13 January 2018

With a new year hopefully comes a new me. I love to make resolutions and keeping healthy always makes my list. It may not always stick and may cause me to indulge in a chocolate orange three weeks in but at least I try right? 

On one note I do love to make smoothies or smoothie bowls, they are a regular in my home and I love to fill them with good stuff that I might be missing out on. I thought I would share what they are.

One kitchen cupboard staple for me is coconut oil. I use it on everything, see this post, and I mean it. I use it for cooking whenever something requires a bit of oil this is my go to. Usually it's for my vegan pancakes and stirfrys, yum. 

I also add a few supplements to the mix, especially to my smoothies. I have three powders that I mix in to give them that extra bit of nutritional value. I am by no means a nutritionist but I am a very fussy vegetarian who is borderline vegan. I don't like milk or eggs and I don't eat meat but I avoid most veggies like the plague! So if theres a way to trick me like a child to eat said veggies I am game. I use these powders in my green smoothies as they are green and will turn any smoothie a grotesque colour unless it is a green one. As pictured is Wheatgrass and Spirulina, and another that I add in is Barley Grass. 

I add Wheatgrass for benefits such as detoxifying, keeping my blood pressure healthy, for cleansing my blood and organs and slowing down the ageing process. I'm not opposed to growing old as it's a gift denied to many but if I grow old slowly then that's a bonus haha. 

I use Spirulina as it's high in iron, calcium and vitamin B, which helps me out when I'm stuck in a food rut. 

And although it's not pictured, I also add in Barley Grass Juice powder for all of it's wonders. This powder helps to alkalise the body,  is rich in antioxidants and helps create natural energy all whilst improving your digestion and rebuilding your immune system. 

I also have a few little pills that I take every now and then. I take cod liver oil as I have the joints of an 80 year old that click every time I move. I also take hair, skin and nails which I also get from Holland & Barret, as I love the little boost it gives my nails when they're struggling to grow. 

Do you have any little beauty bits to add? Let me know! 

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