Happy New Year

07 January 2018

How are we already in 2018? 

I started this little space in September! How has it already been five months? I feel like I was only jus setting goals fro 2017 that I had no intention of keeping! 

Any how, I hope everyone has had joyous holidays and a happy Christmas! Is everyone else feeling motivated for the new year or are they still in a food coma like yours truly…

I am one of those people who love the start of January, the new fresh start feeling but I then slowly succumb to the January blues of gloomy days, being broke and hiding guiltily from my usual “get fit” resolutions.

I still like to make them every year even though I do tend to forget about them but this year I have a few incentives to keep me going. 

1.  Try Veganuary. I have been a veggie for fifteen years! I have always wanted to try veganism but y’know, cheese. I don’t eat eggs, and I already substitute milk and chocolate for dairy free versions so hopefully I’ll be able to do it, but I want to ease myself in and try Veganuary for a bit of self control and support! I might even blog it to keep myself motivated. 

2. Loose weight and get fit. Yes this is usually number one on most peoples lists. This year I need to loose two stone! My incentive is to fit into my wedding dress and feel good on the day. I have my first dress fitting in March and I can’t wait to see it on and feel great. 

3. Be more blog present. I go through periods where I neglect my blog and I hate that. I feel so frustrated that I can’t get my ideas and words across on here, and also feeling “intimidated” and having a sense of being unworthy when you see all the bloggers here on social media. I just need to remember that I am here for me.

4. Try Youtube. I have been toying with the idea of starting a Youtube channel for a while now, I think I would really enjoy it. I love watching logs and love that you get a real insight to the vlogger and their personality. Here’s hoping that I can give it a go! 

5. Life things. Get married, Pay deposit on house, Get dog, Get car. I never thought I would have a checklist life but here I am and I love it haha.

My tips for having a gloom-free January

  • Don’t do it all at once when it comes to your resolutions, take your time and improve yourself
  • For cold gloomy nights, get into the wintery spirit again like you did in December and cosy up with a book an hot chocolate
  • Have a Spring clean. Nothing lifts your spirit than having a good sort out and clean
  • Be positive, to yourself and others

Happy New Year Guys!

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