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28 January 2018

As I mentioned in my homeware wishin' post and what I want in my future home post, I realised that I wanted to do a little round up of furniture. I really need to get my bum into gear and purchase some big girl furniture. You know, not mismatched stuff that I've acquired over the years but some nice pieces that are sturdy, functional and have character. I still have bedside tables that I borrowed from my mum that I spray painted white. There's nothing wrong with a bit of DIY especially when it's done right, unlike me... Who get stressed out that my project is going the way I wanted it to in my head. I always purchased my homeware things on the cheap, like I mentioned in my last post that when we moved to Chester, we did a mad dash to IKEA and bought the necessities that had left us purchasing a £90 sofa bed which is the devil and my friends hate staying on. Ah adulting, it's so glamorous.

I have been scouring Pinterest for some pieces that I would like to invest in when I finally get the chance. I need to start saving those pennies! 

I love wood. I want a lot of wood furniture in my future home. I adore this wooden slab of a coffee table. It will work for me as Mathieu is also into wooden furniture, if I tried to tell him I want a gold glass coffee table he would have none of it so he would be more accepting of this choice. I love that its a bit unique, I've never come across one like this before and I love the raw shape of it. 

One thing that Mathieu and I definitely agree on is that we both want a big wooden farm style dining table to eat from. I think its such a lovely piece of furniture that will be centred around people and food. I can't wait to have a family to sit around one some day. Just think of sitting at one having Christmas dinner, can't wait. 

I love this industrial style furniture. The hair pin legs just do it for me. Is it a scandi design? I don't know but I love them. I would love to invest in some handmade furniture in this style and dot it around the house. I love the side tables and would love to have a side board and tv unit in this style. Etsy has some great finds. 

I currently have two plain Ikea Billy bookcases and they drive me insane. They don't take weight very well and my books are crammed on. I always dreamed of having a bookcase that covers a wall and has a ladder a lá Belle from Beauty and the beast and at 25 this dream has not been forgotten. I would love to have shelving like this that cover my walls, have wood and metal and give off that industrial feel. I also want to invest in some nice prints, and home ware pieces. Things that go with the style of my house such as industrial finds, gold homewares and handmade pots and pottery. 

What would you class as big girl furniture haha? 


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