My go to easy lipsticks

18 March 2018

As I mentioned in this post I am rather newly acquainted with the wearing of lipstick. I mentioned in the post about how I bravely tested the waters of wearing nude colours and have fallen head over heels for them. Now whenever I pass lip products I am drawn straight to the pretty nude colours and have now got a mini collection going. I love my Pillow Talk and think I will probably be wearing this on my wedding day. I have noticed that I prefer a matte finish on my lips than a satin finish as I feel my lips slide about and it gets everywhere (I am secretly a five year old). Anyway at the moment these are a few of the lipsticks I grab on the way out of the door for an effortless lip. 

I've already talked about Charlotte Tilbury's Pillowtalk but have you tried this? It's so beautiful and in my opinion so worth the hype as whenever I check out the CT website it is always out of stock. I love that the formula glides onto your lips and give them a beautiful colour whilst still making them look natural. 

I made a little Glossier purchase a while back an d added these two Generation G lip colours in Cake and Leo. At first I was not impressed with them even though I had looked into them and people raved about them I wasn't blown away. I wanted them as they're not full on and they're buildable but when I first tried them I didn't love the outcome or the colours. But as I paid £28 I was going to get my wear out of them! As it turns out I think I tried them on in a weird light and now these are staples in my handbag. I love the sheer look and the glossy feel. I am definitely going to be purchasing the rest of the colours! 

Then last but not least is this dreamy liquid lip from Nyx. I have never used anything from Nyx before and it was such a pleasant surprise to get to the counter for it to only be £6! In all honesty I like the colour and took it straight to the till expecting it to be around £12 so I was chuffed to find out it was this cheap. I picked up the shade Cannes and love the muted pink colour. The formula is perfect for me and I love how it lasts on the lips. I am definitely adding more of these to my collection.

Have you tried any of these? 

A Spring Pamper

17 March 2018

I love a good pamper. My Sunday night consists of me locking the bathroom door, lighting some candles, and delving into a hot bath. This is my me time and Mathieu knows not to disturb the tub monster I become. 

I always follow through with my current skincare routine by removing make up and cleansing then I smother my face with a mask and pop in the bath, wine in hand. To make this a little more luxurious I put on my current playlist or get a good book ready for the bath, which I pour my favourite bath oil, Jo Malones basil and mandarin. I love the fresh uplifting scent. I also opt for a bath bomb if I feel it’s been a long week. 

My favourite mask at the moment is the Kiehls cranberry and turmeric. I love that the seeds are an extra exfoliant when rinsing off and it gives such a refreshing tingling feeling. It’s my go to at the moment. 

After getting out of the bath then, once dry I smother myself in a moisturiser and sink into a warm dressing gown, slippers and carry on with the rest of my night time skin routine (which I live posted about here) which usually consists of me smothering myself in the Kiehls midnight recovery oil. I rave about this to everyone, the lavender scent is perfect for bed time. 

Have you got any recommendations to add for a spring pamper? 

My Morning Skincare Routine

13 March 2018

Just a  little disclaimer here to say that I honestly only get to do this on weekends and on days off and I do not have time to do this on a work day. I am out of my house at 6:15 in the mornings for work and although I love a skincare ritual I prefer my sleep more in the morning. So when I have a few minutes to spare I set to work. 

I start off by washing my face to wake myself up and then I cleanse. My Foreo and Kiehls are still my number ones and I get to work massaging my skin and giving it a deep clean. Once dry, I use a little bit of the Ordinarys Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution and dab it over my skin. I am loving this at the moment and think my skin is appreciating the glow it’s getting haha. 

I then add a few drops of Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate a la Jamie Genivieve and honestly love he effect it give to my skin. It works wonders and I’ve never looked back. After a few minutes to let the oil sink in I add a tiny amount of the Farmacy Honeydrop Lightweight Moisturiser to the mix and leave it for another few minutes before applying my make up. I love the feeling of this moisturiser, it feels like water when applying and I can feel my skin relishing in it after its been left on.

I love this little ritual and genuinely love the outcome of using the Kiehls oil. The feeling is indescribable when you see what wonders it does for you make up throughout the day, it just works. I feel like since I’ve started using it my make up stays in place, gives you a blowy look and you just always look radiant. 

Have you given the Kiehls oil a go? Let me know! 

25 Years Without Lipstick

11 March 2018

Whenever I think of make up it always reminds me of my mum which is ironic as she never really wore it. I guess I'm always reminded of the smell of the powder she used to gently swirl all over her face, the only thing she ever put on her face but as a five year old I remember looking up at her in awe begging her to put some on me. Whenever I get a whiff of a sweet, powdery smell, I am always transported back to that age, staring hungrily at her powder compact, wishing for the day that I could have my own. 

Roll on to a few years later I remember standing in my rather glamorous grandmothers bathroom peering into her cabinet (something I have not grown out of)  and trying on all her expensive lipsticks one after the other. I remember looking into the mirror, always with a mix of feelings such as feeling glamorous but then brought back down to earth with a bump when I realised it coated my teeth and went way over my lip line. Very glam.

I remember peering into an older cousins make up bag and discovering eyeliner. In some ways I wish I had never found that black stick and some times I wish someone had told me there were other ways to wear it rather than just rimming your whole eyeball and wearing a smudged smokey eye to school at 14. Jesus, how I wish I had these beauty blogs and YouTubers like the girls today! But moving back to lipsticks, I think I always knew I wanted to be one of these girls that rocked a red lip so I would always try one on, feel ridiculous and step away. I never bought them, just tried on friends. I have no idea why I was so unconfident but I honestly just felt ridiculous whenever I wore it, I also had crippling paranoia that it would coat my teeth on a night out! So I have avoided lipstick my whole life and have just stuck to lip balm. Until 25 years later, I discovered a miracle and have felt like a nob ever since I came to the realisation that I should have tried a more subtle colour before diving into that red. 

I decided to try this Pillowtalk that I had heard people raving about and It changed my life. Well in terms of y’know, make up. I couldn’t get over how comfortable I felt wearing it and how nice and “grown up” (cringe) I felt. It’s so easy to wear and I am already on my second stick. I have also, wait for it, purchased a few more colours from Charlotte Tilbury and even bought my dream red colour which I have only been brave enough to wear on nights out haha, baby steps guys, baby steps!

Are you a lipstick lover? Have you tried any by CT?

A weekend in Scotland

07 March 2018

In October last year, my family rented a house near Edinburgh in a small coastal town called Lower Largo for four peaceful days. We did nothing but eat our weight in cheese, play games, spend an unreasonable amount of time in the local pub and take long walks on the beach to blow the cobwebs (hangovers) away. We did spend one day in Edinburgh, I haven’t been since I was a kid but it’s still so gorgeous, even on the miserable day we went. 

I am definitely a city girl but I can’t help but want to pack up and move to a seaside town whenever I visit one! They’re so serene and nostalgic, I love taking photos of them. Our house for the weekend was lovely and housed Mathieu & I, my two stepbrothers and my dad & step mum, all quite cosily although it lost points from me for not having a log burner but I guess I can’t complain too much as the sea view from the living room was beautiful to wake up to. 

As for Edinburgh, I think I fell in love all over again! The gorgeous buildings, the history and shops are just something else. My family had to drag me out of the shops and then I dragged them to The Elephant House Cafe, where J.K Rowling wrote Harry. It was so humbling to see. Although we only spent the day, Mathieu & I made plans to return again five months later. 

Have you ever been to Edinburgh? 

Handmade Mother's Day Bath Salts

03 March 2018

As I’m on a wedding budget this year I wanted to make my mum a little something this year. Even though she deserves an island, sadly something homemade will have to suffice until it’s post Honeymoon time! I decided to put together a little box of goodies of something she could acutely use and as my mother spends 90% of her time in the tub I thought some bath salts would be a gem. They’re so easy to make, smell amazing and can actually look good for a DIY project which will be a nice alternative to the homemade boxes with glued on pasta and spray painted gold I used to make as a kid! 

I used a mixture of Epsom salt and pink Himalayan salts from my local TKMaxx and found the jars in Wilkos for £1. The petals can be left out but I bought them cheap enough off eBay for a fiver for a pack of five different petals. I then added some ribbon and a label to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing. This is also optional but for added scent use a nice smelling essential oil. I picked this up from TKMaxx (I seem to live in this place at the moment) and added it to the salts to give them a relaxing decent. A bonus for the tub. 

How do you think they turned out? What's your Mothers Day plans this year?

March Goals

01 March 2018

How oh how are we in March already? At the beginning of 2018 Mathieu and I sat in a stupor thinking we get married in six months now all of a sudden it's three! I'm honestly scared to blink! In my last post about my wedding planning, I mentioned that I've still got a few bits to do so this month I'll be on a mission to tick all those boxes. After all the blizzards we're getting in Chester this month I am so looking forward to seeing Spring! I'm desperate for a bit of sun and I can't wait to start wearing some Spring pieces! 

1. I'm having my first dress fitting the end of this month so my number one this month is to ickstart my healthy eating and cater to a higher veggie to easter egg ratio this month. I am so excited an nervous and actually can't wait to start this month off with a personal trainer. Aside from my dress fittings I also need to start breaking in those wedding shoes, that's my job for these cold evenings in at home. 

2. This month we're having a quick trip to London to the French Embassy to sort out Mathieu's passport as he is a right donut and has lost it. We need to get this sorted asap as we need to send off for the papers for our marriage license and we can't do that until we have a passport. So another thing to tick off whilst we're there is to visit Anthropologie and Oliver Bonas to find a cake stand for our wedding cake.

3. Last month I started to read again and managed two books (a three hour train to Edinburgh thrown in there does help)! I forget how much I enjoy just sinking in to another world and need to start prioritising. Instead of staring into space or scrolling mindlessly through Instagram for my 15 minute train commute everyday just bring my book! Next on my list is Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman and Little fires everywhere by Celeste Ng.

4. This month I want to streamline my wardrobe. Get ready for Spring by transitioning my Winter bits and just having a good ol' clean out and reshuffle. I want to start making seasonal wardrobe capsules and getting my bum into gear with my clothes by opting for quality over quantity and having a more grown up wardrobe, lol. Lets just say I will be taking advantage of the sales this year with a plan! 

What are your plans and goals for this month? 

Wedding Planning So Far

27 February 2018

So todays post is all about my wedding and where I'm up to so far! These months are flying by and at times I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above the water!

Mathieu, my partner, proposed to me at the beginning of December 2016. I thought I would love wedding planning as I love organising things, but oh my, was I in for a shock. We looked at our savings and thought £5,000 would be a perfect amount to spend on a wedding. As soon as I started looking at venues, oh my god I realised that £5,000 was not an okay amount as most places started at £4,500. Bloody hell Chester.

I am not religious so I also did not want to get married in a church as I thought it would be a bit weird/hypocritical and envisioned a gorgeous green, outdoor wedding. That's when I hit another snag. In the uk there are a lot of wedding rules. I wanted an outdoor wedding and pictured a rustic ceremony in a field but uk marriage laws mean that that outdoor place needs to be licensed. Also it needs to have a roof. So that was fun trying to find places with a roof. Just what is that UK marriage laws sort it out! So after being rejected from place after place and cowering from some prices I had a mini melt down and told mat I wanted to elope. We downsized our party and have now decided to elope with 30 family members to Scotland. 

Why Scotland you ask? I chose Scotland as I spent most of my childhood holidays in Edinburgh and on the islands. My wee granny is from the Isle of Lewis and after spending so much time there I knew Scotland would be a beautiful place to get married. The bonus? The marriage laws are different and I can get married outside anywhere! Queue party emojis. So this year we are getting married next to a Loch near Edinburgh and I'm so excited. 

I finally got permission off the local park rangers after a few months of emailing back and forth and the best part? As it's a local park it is completely free to use. So after looking at venues starting at £4500 hearing that it was free was music to my ears. 

I have now booked a celebrant which was pretty easy and we're going to Scotland to meet up with her and sort our ceremony details out. I can't wait. I have just put down the deposit on my restaurant and now everything seems to slowly be falling into place. After so many months stressing out as nothing was going to plan, this is a huge weight off my shoulders. I have also reserved my hotel to get ready in/stay in and it is gorgeous! My mum and I have made our wedding invites, and have sent them all out. We are now waiting on RSVPs.

We have now met our celebrant, done cake testing, and have sorted bridesmaids! Hooray!

Still on my list to do:

  1. Dress Fittings
I have finally found my dress! After thinking I was never going to find something I finally found the one. I wasn't the biggest fan of wedding dress shopping. It's so disappointing as it's one of the things I was most looking forward to (aside from marrying the love of my life haha). The experience was bittersweet and I definitely think the shop plays a part in the whole thing. I tried some beautiful boutiques and was shocked that some of the people in it couldn't be arsed with the whole thing. One lady kept sighing as I asked her what style she thought would suit me and made me feel like I was just wasting her time. But hey ho, I've got mine now and I adore it. It's exactly how I envisioned and now all I need to do is go to my dress fittings for her to spruce it up.

      2.  Find Mathieu a suit 

Oh  my god. He is worse than me. I have booked him in to try on some Ted Baker suits and I'm determined that he's not leaving the shop until he's bought one, or at least decided on a style.

      3.  Sort all Documents

We have got our papers ready to go, we need to send them off in March and collect our wedding license three days before the big day.

      4. Finalise details and payments

I now need to chase up a few RSVPs and contact the venues and such to let them know how many are attending. We have also paid deposits on most things but now need to start paying the full payment.

Are any of you planning a wedding? What are your thoughts on it?


Travel Beauty Must Haves

22 February 2018

Currently Mathieu and I are taking a mini city break to Edinburgh to catch up on some wedding planning. I love packing for a trip or weekend getaway. I know some people despise it and will leave it to the last minute but I am one of those people that pack ten days earlier than needed. Aside from organising my clothes and whatnot, I love to set out a wash bag and organise my make up and skincare. As Mathieu and I are saving for a wedding,  we have agreed on no holidays till it’s all over. But to keep our sanity, every couple of months we take a small trip somewhere overnight, keeping it cheap with AirBnB, just to get out of Chester for a day or two. 

By doing this I’ve gotten used to downsizing my skincare items and adding to it when needed, and also? Buying extra pots and bottles. Why do I get excited about that stuff, I’ll never know, I’m blaming it on cute minis. 

Chucked into the depths of my wash bag you can find a mini toothpaste, a fold up toothbrushes and an abundance of hair pins. I like to take along a mini deodorant8 and I usually opted for mini roll ons but that was until I discovered Native Company's Coconut & Vanilla powder deodorant. I got this in a Birchbox and wasn't too keen on the idea of scooping out and applying my deodorant until I gave it a whirl. I was pleasantly surprised by how I loved the product, it worked, felt comfortable and smelt amazing. I kept getting wafts of coconut whenever I moved, I can't complain about that. This is the sample size and you get it in stick form but for now this cute jar is my travel go to. 

Next up I religiously go everywhere with my mini vials of Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate and the Daily Reviving Concentrate. I adore these oils and they are a permanent staple in my skincare. Hopefully I'll get around to sharing my skincare routine up on here soon. Speaking of Kiehls I was given the minis and a wash bag for Christmas by a friend and I have loved trying out the products as I wouldn't have bought them for myself. I have loved the Ultra Facial Moisturiser mini and definitely think I may purchase the full size. I usually use the Ultra Facial Cream with SPF but I love how lightweight the moisturiser feels in the morning. I also enjoyed the mini Shampoo and Conditioner. I wouldn't really choose Kiehls for Haircare as they're my trusted skincare loves but I have definitely fallen for the Smooth Oil Infused Shampoo paired with Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner  even using the mini sizes I saw a huge difference in hair and was impressed straight away. My hair was left thick, shiny and smelling good. They ticked all the boxes for me. Next up comes the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser, I keep this in my travel wash bag as I do love it and love that it does the job and really cleanses my skin. I don't keep it on my skincare rotation though as I find it a little drying after use. If I don't moisturise straight away, my face definitely feels a little stripped. 

So here are a few of my wash bag staples for when I travel also containing as many samples that I can cram into it.

Whats in your wash bag? x

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