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25 October 2017

I cannot wait to finally be a homeowner someday. I have dreamt about it for so long. I remember as a kid all/ I wanted to do was help my mum paint and decorate our house but at seven years old she was obviously always reluctant. I loved trips to B&Q, nicking paint chips and wallpaper samples, looking at the bathrooms and kitchens and choosing which one I would like for my future house.

The same goes for idea, even now (Please tell me I'm not the only one who sits in the living rooms and pretends it's theirs... Just me?), I just love exploring all the different homewards and how people style and decorate their homes, I love programs such as grand designs and small spaces. Sometimes I wish that I had followed that career path. 

It's one of the reasons why I was so taken with Pinterest all those years ago, I remember stumbling upon it and requesting to be a member when I was like seventeen! I used to keep so many files on my laptop of different homes and so Pinterest was a goldmine for me as I could just keep all the images on a board! My laptop was thankful for all the free space after I signed up! 

These days I have a board on every room in a house and hundreds of different ways to style them and I love to scroll through them every once in a while. I can't stop thinking of my future home and saving up to renovate it the way I want. I have had so many aesthetics that I wanted to plan my home around such as a bohemian style (at one point I completely ruled out sofas and wanted floor cushions!) and even a Scandi style house which would be only minimalistic and monochrome. I have even wanted to indulge my more girly side and go for gold, marble and pink, I think Mathieu is glad that I've opted out of that... But as I've gotten older I've come to the realisation that what I want is simple, practical and homely. I still want character and it to be beautiful when I have people over but I still want it to be comfortable. 

I now imagine hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, and bright off white walls. I would love lots of Windows and shutters to fill the room with light. After living in a flat in a city centre we have three Windows that are in our spare room, and living room so I cannot wait to have an airy light space. I want to invest in my furniture. I love IKEA for the prices and practicality but I adore Etsy and love browsing the furniture sections. I want the place I love in to have character in ways where our furniture can tell a story. I love walking into someone's home and asking where they got things for it to have a story behind it. I would love a handmade coffee table and art collected from our travels. Vintage things that are quirky and one of a kind. I think that wall art is another important thing for me. I want photos of my holidays, artwork and even some sculptures maybe, if I'm feeling fancy. After living in rented accommodation for so long where we aren't allowed things on the wall I have the feeling I'm gonna go to town in my further home. Another thing I want my house to be filled with is plants and flowers. I want greenery and life in my house. We never had that in my home growing up but Mathieu and I have lots of plant babies at the moment. They are slowly taking over and reclaiming our flat! 

I am also looking forward to decorating my future bathroom. I can't wait to turn it into a mini spa. A place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Mathieu knows that on a Sunday night the bathroom is mine, where the candles, face mask, and bath oils come out. He knows not to knock unless it's an emergency. I love pinning bathrooms on Pinterest and looking at the different styles. All I definitely know I need is a freestanding bath and shower. I want a big tub to soak in and a separate shower. After growing up and having a free standing shower to then move into a flat with a shower and bath in one is not an easy transition! I fall nearly every time I wash my hair and have a sing song & lose my balance... Maybe I should just stop the singing... 

Another thing that I am looking for would be an open plan dining room, living room and kitchen. I love having people over, cooking meals (well I just drink tha wine and Mat does the cooking), and hosting parties. But in our tiny flat it's a nightmare. I want everything to be open plan so we can work in the kitchen whilst we can still have a natter whilst our guests sit in the living room.

And last of all what I can't wait for is a garden! Oh how I miss having a garden. I think that's the one thing that Mathieu and I pine for the most. Living in the centre of a city just gives us the local parks to wander in but I miss Barbecues and summer nights in a garden and Mathieu wants nothing more than to start his own vegetable patch. 

So I think that's pretty much everything that I want in my future home, so not much haha. When we finally start looking it's going to be fun! I love thinking about it and I know it's going to take time but I can't wait to have all this someday, and finally try to get through to Mathieu that he can have a shed or a garage as his man cave not a while room. 

Does anyone else envision their future home? What do you want in yours? 

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