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12 October 2017

Today I'm going to talk about what's on face everyday in case you're interested.

I like to go for a dewy look. I stay away from matte products as I cannot stand the feel of thick make up on my face. I honestly don't use match make up just a bit of concealer, a foundation, something for my eyebrows, mascara and a tiny bit of contour on my cheeks so I don't look like a pie. These three products have been my go-to's for awhile now, slightly upgrading my Nars concealer stick with the pot which I adore. 

I find these products give my skin (which is a combination of sensitive, oily and normal) a nice subtle glow with the right amount of coverage. I prefer a dewy look whilst only sometimes mattefying some problem areas during hot and colder days as I don't want to call attention to them by making them glow haha.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance

I was gifted this by a friend, it's a sample version but I like to test these things. I love this stuff. I used to think primers were just there to make you spend more money on another product that you just don't need but now I have tried some that I love and actually work. This one by Laura Mercier gives a lovely glowy base before applying my foundation and lets my foundation glide over my skin and sits well for the day. I notice that I do need to make sure that I apply properly as if not patted/rubbed in properly it leaves shimmery marks/patches that do not come off easily. I noticed I had not rubbed in a dot by my ears and I had to scrub to get it off. 

Nars Soft Matte Concealer

So this little pot is rather new for me. I've been a fan of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer stick for the longest time and I loved it but I found that it just ran out so quickly. Maybe I'm spottier than I realised? When I was browsing Space NK awhile back now I spotted the this pot and I just assumed it was the same creamy concealer in a pot but it turns out its the soft matte concealer but I was suprised at how unmatte it is. It's a good thing for me as I don't like matte products but I guess it would be annoying if you were in the market for a matte concealer and bought this, I feel like it would not be for you. Anyway, back to the concealer. It works wonders. It gives such great coverage. I mainly use it under my eyes when I haven't had much sleep and also on the jawline of my skin where I get most of my spots, lovely. I do love this little pot but I need to find a concealer that doesn't stick to the creases under my eyes, wrinkly problems yeah. If anyone know of such a product please let me know!

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation 

I struggled for so long to find a nice high end foundation that left my skin dewy and gave good coverage. It's not like I didn't want much eh? I also wanted a foundation that was Cruelty Free, which at the time was pretty hard for high end make up brands but these days more and more companies are going cruelty free. I stalk Cruelty Free Kittys blog to double check my need, I use her as my make up directory. I then came across Nars and they were one of the CF brands that I was very drawn too, who isn't when it comes to their sleek luxury packaging? I went with the Sheer Glow and opted for no pump as I feel that just wastes the product. I was blown away colour match (I use Santa Fe) and its beautiful. I sweep it on and it does wonders. As I mentioned above, I do need to conceal problem areas first as it hasn't got the staying power to cover them alone but I have some natural redness around my nose area and forehead and a little on my lower cheeks and after applying, the foundation just looks so natural and I wear this everyday. 

Do you have a daily base?


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