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03 October 2017

Don't we all love lush? I can't place my finger on the only reason that takes me there. I've only been addicted for a couple of years. I always thought it was just over priced bath bombs and my mum used to have her own gift shop and so I used to nick the bath bombs and bath oils from her shop. But now I'm a total convert and I kick myself every time for being g so late (as with everything in life so it would seem) to the lush party. I now have some serous faves that are always in my bathroom and thought I would just share a few. 

Honey I washed the kids soap

Okay this is technically Mathieu favourite but I adore the smell of it. When ever we run out it's the first thing I replace and the sweet honey smell is now a comfort. Mathieu uses it daily and the scent works so well with his skin, I am always reminded of him when ever i smell it. 

Rose jam

This stuff is. Bomb. I was pretty gutted when they discontinued and I think now I can only get it online at Christmas? But they do stock a rose jam bubbleroon in store and I pick that up whenever I'm feeling sorry for myself as it smells amazing. I personally feel like I'm taking a bath in Turkish delight after using it, it smells that great. 

Floating Island

This little gem is my bestie. I love this oil. I'm big on bath oil even though my mum yells at me that it'll block drains but, yolo. I love the scent of this, the vanilla and sandalwood is so calming  and I love that it has shea butter in it and I swear it makes my skin smoother after the bath! 

Tea tree toner 

I swear that this bottle works miracles. I love toners and have a few firm favourites but this is one that I first started to take seriously. I honestly feel like if I use it three days in a row it just quenches my skin and keeps breakouts at bay! I always recommend this. 

I have a few more faves (it was hard just writing about just these four!) but for now I'll leave it here! There are a few things that I've been eyeing up and these are up next on my wish list: a perfume, Rosy Cheeks, a massage bar, and the Yuzu and Cocoa body wash. 

What are your favourite Lush products? 


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