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05 October 2017

Let's have a little peek at my Jewellery box. I'm not going to lie I do not have enough jewellery to even warrant a jewellery box but I just wanted to show it off. I bought this little gold and glass case when I was about seven from an antique shop on a day out with my mum. I used to love our Saturdays together. We used to jump in the car, stop at Waitrose and grab some munchies for our road trip and would drive two or three hours to a little town and spend the day exploring. 

I picked this up in a small welsh town called Caerphilly and I was obsessed. I loved anything small that had little doors/drawers, (I secretly hoarded tiny bottles as a kid). I just had to have them. I bought this with my pocket money and have held onto it ever since. It has taken a back seat in storage at my mums for a while, underneath the stairs. I think it has been pushed against the roof of the stairs and the vibrations have caused the glass to crack a little which is a shame but I still love it. As I was sorting out my stuff under my mums stairs (think Monica’s secret closet) I stumbled across it and just had to take it home and find a use for it. Then I stumbled across this image on Pinterest and saw someone using it as a jewellery box. I was amazed as I've never seen another one before.

Anyway it now houses a small amount of jewellery that I have collected. I'm so unbelievably fussy when it comes to jewellery. I like gold, delicate pieces that have a story behind them. Etsy is my go to  place to browse gems but after finding shops such as Missoma and Mejuri I have fallen in love and have added most pieces from their sites to my wishlist.

At the moment it currently houses my Daniel Wellington watch which is the love of my life. I've never been into watches and have always wanted a plain but classic brown and gold one but never got around to buying one until Mat bought this for me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I love it. I always feel a bit more classy and sophisticated when wearing it which is a bonus for me as my usual attire is my work uniform which is usually covered in paint, glue, glitter, or some kind of slime. So yeah, upgrading to my DW watch on the weekends works for me. 

I also have some bracelets from & other stories. I love their jewellery and the scandi style. I usually find that they have some really pretty and quirky pieces that are delicate and gold which is right up my street. I also have some H&M earrings and a charity shop find necklace which is the geode on the gold chain. I love this and get so many compliments from it. A 50p bargain in my eyes. 

So I haven't got much in it at the moment but I'm going to start asking mat to get me some pretty pieces for birthdays and Christmas's and hopefully I can start building up a nice little collection.

I also have this little quartz topped with a gold frog on top of the box that Mat bought me once. He's french and I always call him a french frog so he gifted me this and it makes me chuckle whenever I see it. 

Have you got any favourite jewellery brands you love?


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