Coconut Oil Uses

22 October 2017

You know when coconut oil was a huge trend? Yeah I have really stuck to it. I love the stuff. I have a tub in my bathroom, on my nightstand, and two in my fridge. Excessive? Yes. But I use it for everything. I am all for a natural product and I basically use the stuff for everything. In the bathroom I use it as a hair mask, make up remover, oil pulling (see here) and even to shave my legs. Tmi? I keep a pot on my night stand and use it as a body lotion. I smother my legs and arms in it and my knees have never been smoother. And for the kitchen I basically threw out all my different oils and just use a tiny bit of this when cooking. Coconut oil + a stir fry = heaven.

Have you used Coconut oil before?


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