The Big 25

19 September 2017


I turned 25 this week. What I can't my head around as I grow older is that no one ever told me that time would be so fleeting. I was brought up on morals and was continuously told old wives tales, and that I had to do well in school, I was told I needed to have manners and that life's not fair. But no one ever told me that the days will fly by as you get older. It's strange how life felt like it was literally dragging through my high school years and then Boom, after my eighteenth I feel like its not slowed down since! I honestly feel like I was eighteen a couple of years ago when actually it was eight whole years ago! Where has that time gone!? 

When I was fifteen, I thought that I would be married and would have had kids by now, why didn't anyone tell me that no one has their shit together at that age? It would have saved me from having a few minor melt downs these past couple of months. All I can say is thank god for social media and Memes for showing me that it is normal to not have your shit together in your twenties and that I'm not alone when it comes to Adulting (thanks mum for still coming to the dentist with me). 

I look back and sometimes I can't get over how ready I was to leave my home and have a house on my own, that my family drove me crazy and I couldn't wait to be a sassy, independent lady. Oh my god what I would do now to be at my mums eating her out of house and home and for her to wash my socks. 

Any how, enough reminiscing and some thoughts on turning a quarter of a century old and some goals:

1. Get married

I guess I am actually doing something right when it comes to adulting as I got engaged last December! Oh wedding planning is not cool, and I am definitely stressing out! Roll on June 16th 2018!

2.  Mortgage plans

Save at least half of my deposit before my twenty-sixth birthday. I genuinely don't know how I would do this if I was single! Thoughts of having my own garden, and leaving the devil  pigeon in Chester are keeping me going. 

3. Learn to drive

Yaasss.... I need to sort this out... I am ashamed to say aloud the number of instructors, lessons, and theory tests I've had and taken but I just never get around to doing it. I live in the centre of a city and get a ten minute train to work so I'm not too hard on myself.

4. Make some long term plans

Oh my that is a scary thought. A thought, now that I'm twenty-five I guess I should be considering. Career goals, life goals etc. For me it's mainly a living situation. In my first post I mentioned my boyfriend, (It still feels weird and pretentious to say Fiancé) was french. Mathieu has lived in the UK for 5 years now and whenever he goes home to Provence theres a part time of me that wonders if he'll come back haha. He comes home and will pine for the french food he's missing out on and the customs that make it home. He wants to go home soon and once we are married I guessI will have to maybe factor that in at some point. I would actually move to France tomorrow if I had the money but the only thing that's stopping me is work. I'm terrified I won't be able to find it. Someone please come and yell at me and tell me life's to short to worry about that stuff!?

5. Français

Yes. I need to start speaking Mathieu's language. I would love to be fluent in french, it would be trés cool to go to Paris and hold a conversation in french but the reason I need to do it? I need to learn it before I have kids otherwise I can see Mathieu and them ganging up on me and having their own french club which I just can't handle.

What were your thoughts when you felt the need to start Adulting? 


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