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28 September 2017

Can we talk about hand cream?

I am only just converting. Where have I been? Why am I always late to these things? I used to hate the thought of hand creams. I saw them as inconvenient, messy, and time consuming. I was always under the impression that only older ladies would carry around hand creams and I used to bung them into a charity bag as soon as I got one in a birthday present. Maybe it's because I was a  tomboy and I used to bite my nails so I had no use for them but also I have tried some that left a bad smell or I would smother my hands in a cream then have to write and then my hands would just slide down the pen. Not fun. But after reading a number of my favourite blogs, I noticed that they were featuring their favourite creams, the best smelling ones, pretty ones, and even kept them in pots beside their beds to put on before sleep. Well. After reading these posts a couple of years ago, I was determined to go out and make my own little bedside pot! Yes I know, this is groundbreaking stuff but it's one of the reasons I started a blog and read these blogs as I feel like they show little insights to people's worlds and how they do things differently. 
So I went on a little mission to find myself a hand cream that smelt nice, actually did what it says on the tin and didn't leave my hands greasy and sticky.  I remember settling on some from super drug and boots that did the job but didn't wow me and over the years I've found a few that really do it for me.

So this is my go to. I love this stuff. I love that it's light and non sticky/greasy and leaves my hands silky smooth afterwards. If I use this everyday and my cuticles get noticeably more hydrated and neater throughout the day. Also, the best part? I smell like a Almond Croissant after using it and if that's not a selling point I don't know what is. I recommend this all the time when someone complains about their hands and I have repurchased three times. I always repurchase the small size as it just gets tossed into my bag but they do have a larger size which may have to make its way onto my wish list.

Okay. This stuff is my one true love. I found this in covent garden, as I walked past the Aesop shop they had a hand cream dispenser outside the door and I tried a pump and walked on. And then I stopped because it smelled amazing. I literally turned around and walked straight in and bought it. Touché Aesop, Touché. I keep this on my desk and I use the tiniest dabs as I really don't want it to run out. It smells so fresh and citrusy as it contains Mandarin Rind, Rosemary Leaf, and Cedar Atlas (I have no idea what that is but it sounds fancy) and the scent is just so uplifting and the perfect pick me up when I get bored and unmotivated at my desk.

So I was gifted this by a work colleague. As I have mentioned in my about me, I work with children and I am continuously washing my hands. I feel like Nurses and Doctors will relate but when I mean continuously I mean continuously. If I have just washed my hands and turn around guaranteed I will pick something up or touch something that shouldn't be slimy. So long story short my hands can get very dry very quick and even chapped during the winter months as my workplace is an outdoor learning nursery. My work colleague gave me this pot as she didn't like the smell of it. Again it is almond scented and has more of a natural' milky smell to it unlike the sweet Amande by Loccitane. At first when I tried it I thought it was going to be too greasy as its very thick but I've learnt to keep this as my bedside table favourite. It does go on thick like a butter but seamlessly melts into the skin and I wake in the morning and my hands, again, smell of almond croissant and they feel so smooth. It's a great hand butter for chapped hands!

Have you got any hand heroes to recommend?


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