Autumn Goals

21 September 2017

I LOVE SEPTEMBER. It's one of my favourite months. I used to love it mainly because it's my birthday month but as I get older I realise that I'm liking getting older less and less. But however, I do love Autumn. Aside from the Christmas season, Autumn just does it for me. I am one of those people that revels in putting away summer dresses for the year in exchange of woollen knits and chunky scarves and knee high boots. I'm already getting excited thinking about it. It's quite ironic actually as I am one of those people who are always cold even to the state where everyone at work takes the mick out of me as I'll be sat in the sun still in a jumper whereas everyone else is sporting shorts and flip flops! So it confuses everyone when I do a happy dance celebrating the end of Summer. So now that all the shops are bringing in Autumn/Winter wear I feel like it is officially time to set some Autumnal goals.

1. Wear some Autumnal colours

Okay, I am one of those people who wear a lot of black and grey. I can't help it. It's just my thing. But as I was walking around New Look the other day, I absolutely loved the new Autumn range. I have selected a few.. ahem twenty-five... clothing items and they are sat waiting in my basket on New Look. So as I could actually see myself wearing those items, I want to make it my goal to wear some colour this season.

2. Try a dress or two

So my other goal involves clothing too... I don't wear dresses or skirts as I have a fuller figure and  have never felt that confident wearing them. But as I mentioned above, I have seen some gorgeous Autumn gems in New Look, ASOS, and on Boohoo. I want to change my usual cold weather look from jeans and ankle boots to some nice dresses/skirts with some knee high boots. I know. This is groundbreaking Autumn fashion right here but as I have never really worn skirts before, I am willing to break out of my comfort zone a little. Babysteps people, babysteps.

3. Make an Autumnal hot drink

When I told Mat this he just laughed and asked what the hell I meant, but surely everyone has a go-to hot drink on a cold, dark evenings, right? I can't be  alone on this! So I want to make a luxury hot chocolate, or chai tea, or even have a go at hot apple cider.

4. Go blackberry, apple, or pumpkin picking

So I know that pumpkin picking is an American tradition... at least I think it is... Same goes for apple picking but I've seen people on my facebook heading out for the day with their kids to pick up pumpkins. I'm sure that wasn't a thing over here when I was a kid... Or has my whole life been a lie and I was just missing out? Let me know people of the United Kingdom! Anyway I'd love to do that! Also, blackberry picking, this is what I did all the time as a kid, which moves me onto my next goal...

5. Make a soup/pie

With said pickings from above I'd love to make an apple and blackberry pie or a pumpkin soup. Look at me turning into Martha Stewart! As a kid I always made a blackberry pie as we had a load of bushes outside my house and I would make a pie for my dad and every year he would eat it and it would just be the berries as I would slowly eat the crumble/crust before giving it to him... So I'd love to give that a go now that I'm not living with my mum who basically made the pie for me... Time to be a big girl and make ma'self a pie!

6. Go on a walk

You know when the weather starts to go crisp and chilly? I really want to wrap up warm in a scarf, new winter coat, and chuck some wellies on and go for a wander around Chester. We have some lovely parks here, and also a some fields by the river Dee which would be so nice to take a walk around and get some wear out of my winter wear!

Do any of you have any Autumnal goals or traditions?

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