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14 September 2017

Well here I am. A new blog and a fresh start. 

My name is Nicôle and this little space here, is my new online adventure. I believe that every person should have their own particular outlet to be creative and here I am making mine this little blog.  

I am a twenty-something living in the heart of the city of Chester. I teach children by day and in my spare time I am always looking for things that inspire me in life whether it be a good coffee, pretty interiors, an afternoon walk, or a weekend away. This little outlet is here for me to share and keep me sane after being asked the same question 400 times a day by the kids I teach. A glass or two of wine helps too!

I have had a few previous blogs before and over the years I have felt myself outgrowing them or coming to the realisation that I am moulding myself around others on social media and was slowly losing myself along the way. I hope to grow with this blog, even use it to inspire others maybe. 

I chose the blog name Trouvaille as my partner, or my now Feyoncé, Mathieu, who is a french chef, mentioned it one day when I was explaining something to him. He then of course had to explain to me what Trouvaille meant & I thought it was the prettiest thing and sounded great too which was a bonus. Ever since he told me the meaning it has stuck with me and I find myself saying it when I find inspiring or beautiful things in my day to day.

I hope you will stay tuned with this little space and thank you for stopping by!


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